The Health Benefits Of Botox


Cosmetic Botox offers many benefits to make a person look better. It has been proven to reduce signs of aging such as lines and wrinkles. It can also help lift parts of the face such as the brow so that the face looks younger and less tired. These are great benefits. But did you know that Botox can also help with medical issues as well?

Botox can help in 2 important aspects of health. The first is by helping to reduce migraine headaches and the second is helping to reduce the amount a person sweats.

Two Health Benefits of Botox

1. Reduce Migraine Headaches. People with migraine headaches know that it can be some of the most severe pain around. It can prevent them from doing simple daily activities. It can be hard to find relief even from some of the strongest medications. For those people who suffer from chronic migraines, Botox may be an effective and FDA approved solution. Botox injections can be used in the head and neck area to decrease the pain felt when a migraine headache comes on. These treatments are given about every 12 weeks. This can be a great and welcome relief to those suffering from chronic migraines.

2. Decrease in Excessive Sweating. Another issue that Botox can treat is excessive underarm sweating. This is a problem that can be embarrassing to many people and will prevent them from going out in public. It is estimated that around 7.8 million people suffer from this problem known as hyperhidrosis. When antiperspirants and other alternatives do not work to treat this problem, Botox can be used. Botox can help reduce the amount of sweating up to 90% and last 3-6 months. This is a great relief to those who suffer from this intense underarm sweating. The physician who is administering the Botox will give a series of injections in the underarm. This is a great way to significantly reduce sweating.

Botox is great because it can do so much more than make you look better. It can make you feel better as well. By reducing the pain experienced by headaches and reducing the amount of sweat, you will be happier and healthier. As always, it is extremely important to have Botox administered by someone who is qualified and experienced in doing it. This will ensure that you receive the maximum benefits and reduce any potential side effects. Click here for more information about Botox treatments in Calgary.


13 May 2015

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