What You Need To Know About Editorial Makeup Artists


An editorial makeup artist is a professional artist who creates makeup looks for models and actors to be used in fashion magazines, movies, and other media. An editorial makeup artist must be knowledgeable about the latest trends, have an eye for detail, and possess the skills necessary to create customized looks that will stand out from the rest. Here's a closer look at what an editorial makeup artist does, who needs them, and the benefits of working with one.

What Does an Editorial Makeup Artist Do?

The primary job of an editorial makeup artist is to create makeup looks suitable for use in publications like fashion magazines or movies. Their work involves applying cosmetics and understanding how lighting affects how those products look in photos or on camera. Additionally, they must work quickly and efficiently as they often have tight deadlines to meet. As such, editorial makeup artists need to stay up-to-date with the latest trends in fashion and beauty to provide their clients with unique looks that will make them stand out from the crowd.

Who Needs an Editorial Makeup Artist?

Anyone who wants to look their best for a photo shoot or film production should consider hiring an editorial makeup artist, including models looking to get booked for more jobs or actors preparing for a big role. Even if you're just doing a family photo, having an experienced professional's expertise can elevate your look and give you confidence before your close-up. It is important to note that while many television news studios may have an editorial makeup artist on staff, you can hire a freelance artist to come for an afternoon.

What Are the Benefits of Working With an Editorial Makeup Artist?

Working with an experienced editorial makeup artist has numerous benefits over trying to do your own look at home alone, including:

  • New. Editorial makeup artists have access to all of the newest techniques and products on the market, so you know you're getting the best.
  • Know-how. Additionally, they understand how lighting works when taking pictures or filming video content, so they can adjust your look accordingly.
  • Experience. Their experience means that if something doesn't quite turn out as expected during your shoot, they'll be able to fix any problems quickly and still get you looking fabulous.

Whether you're getting ready for a major audition, taking a corporate headshot for your company's website, or just want to up your selfie game at home, hiring an experienced editorial makeup artist should always be considered, as it can really elevate any look without fail.


17 January 2023

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