How Custom-Made Wigs Make Your Natural Hair Healthier


If you like to play with your hair, it's important that you take care of your tresses carefully. When your hair is overly dyed, blow-dried, straightened, and more to achieve the changing looks you desire, the end results can be split ends, dry tresses, uneven hair growth, and even hair thinning or breakage.

You can still encourage new hairstyles and an ever-changing head of hair while protecting your natural hair at the same time. Consider custom wigs to help you get the looks you desire without damaging your natural hair in the process.

You won't over-dye your hair

Did you know that your custom wig maker can dye a custom wig any color you want? This allows you to have your hair color change more frequently without exposing your natural hair to chemicals and other additives.

The average person should only have their hair dyed and touched up every 4 to 12 weeks, depending on the type of hair coloring they're having done. If you want to have your hair dyed more frequently than this, you can risk putting your hair in danger of getting fried and irreparably damaged. Custom-made wigs allow you to change up your hair color without putting chemicals on your natural tresses, which in turn allows your natural hair to last longer.

You won't over-style your hair

Custom-made wigs can be cut, colored, curled, blow-dried, straightened, and otherwise treated much like your traditional hair, so long as they are made out of natural human hair. When you wear custom-made wigs for regular or casual use, you give your natural hair a break from the constant styling. This allows your hair to relax and restore itself and give way to new growth and sheen.

Ask your custom wig maker to design trending wigs with styles that can be changed up frequently, such as wigs with bangs, rich layers, or longer tresses so you can cut and style the wigs later if hairstyle trends change and you don't want to have new custom wigs made.

When buying custom-made wigs, ask for styles that are made out of human hair. You have more versatility and longevity in a human hair wig as opposed to a synthetic wig, although your custom wig maker can make custom hairpieces out of either material, and synthetic hair holds styles well. Cut out pictures in magazines or save pictures on your phone to show your custom wig maker so they can make you wigs you'll love.

To learn more, contact a resource that offers custom-made wigs.


16 July 2020

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